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Our commitment to the environment.

DAD’s commitment to environmental, health and safety responsibility is an integral part of our business philosophy. This commitment is focused in the following areas:

Responsible stewardship of natural resources

Efficient energy use

Minimization and utilization of waste

Prevention of pollution with appropriate, practical and proven technology

Protection of the health and safety of employees, customers and the communities in which we operate

Primary accountability for environmental, health and safety performance rests with the Production Department. But all employees share responsibility for fulfilling the company’s environmental, health and safety philosophy through:

  • responsible stewardship of natural resources, employing practices which nurture and protect healthy and productive forests while enhancing air, water, wild-life and other public values;
  • reducing dependence upon non-renewable fossil fuel and purchased electricity by pursuing energy conservation and use of self-generated and waste fuels;
  • minimizing and utilizing waste by reusing and recycling materials and converting other waste to energy;
  • full compliance with Government and local environmental, health and safety requirements;
  • continuing technical review of our environmental, health and safety performance;
  • constructive participation in discussions at all levels over the relevant range of environmental, health and safety issues;
  • candid communication on environmental, health and safety issues with employees, customers, shareholders, public officials, suppliers and communities, using the best information available and stressing the company’s commitment to environmental, health and safety responsibility;
  • building appropriate collaborative programs with other interested parties.